Greetings and Welcome!!!
Space of Love and Oneness...
Thank you so much for being here at YourHigherVibe. As you may know, the Earth and Humankind is moving or rather ascending from fear based 3D to faith based 5D and it's beneficial for us to collectively ascend! Simply, You Can Choose Love or Not. No one that wants to ascend will be left behind. There's an energetic bridge for you and all you have to do is show up! We are so loved and I am honored to help in raising the collective awareness. We will reach a new level of clairvoyance individually and collectively. I have Faith in the Angels and God that I am right where I'm supposed to be and so are you.
On a humorous note: Have you ever hoped someone had all the answers?! Well, here you 2 simple steps... Are you ready for this laugh?!
1. Keep your expectations really low so you are never disappointed!
2. Be easily amused so you are never bored!
I'm totally kidding! No one has all the answers, thank Goodness! What a burden that would be, may be one for our Creator. I believe Faith is what that feels like. All we can do, and I believe have a responsibility to do, is Choose Love. Especially at this point in our evolution or ascension.  I am here to keep it simple for you, not have all the answers, but to offer healing and love but most important to get you thinking...
Have you felt used, useless, stepped on, ignored, unsupported, unloved, manipulated, controlled, disrespected, separated...
  You are NOT that person, you are a Divine Being of Light and Love and God wants you to know that each and every one of you has a unique purpose and color in the tapestry of life. We may have been a victim of fate, circumstance or just plain having one of those days, but we are not victims. We all possess some level of power and are effected on some level by shadow energy. None of us are immune to feelings of lack and others attacks, but we all can choose love, or not. How can you use your gifts to overcome your challenges? God only bets on a sure thing, and are you practicing strong faith? Hope? Trust? Forgiveness? Self-Love? We must be ready for our gifts or we will not understand them or know how to use them. Please see that all events, whether perceived as good or bad or from a third person perspective, serve for our highest good on some level. Even if we are in a fog and can't see where we are going. Ask for Divine guidance and protection and choose love!
Daily Affirmations:
I AM in love with life and in love with myself.
I love myself,
I love my health,
I love my purpose.

Justice For Humanity... on the agenda for today and every day, through understanding Free Will.
Free Will mandates how important it is to announce with words or intentions to the Universe that you are open to receiving the GOOD energy you need and then to offer gratitude for that energy as it is already so, and also ask for protection from the most intelligent Divine beings and say thank you for the protection as it is already so!

Have you asked for God’s help yet?

If not, are you aware that God has been with you your whole life, understands you better that you could ever understand yourself, loves you unconditionally and is just waiting with open arms for you to ask for help? You must ask God for help. Free will is black and white, allowing for uniqueness, He only holds your best intentions and He never makes mistakes. Be careful with your thoughts… what are you ordering up from the Universe? Divine can only give you more of what you think about. Located inside is the foundation for most of what you will do in life, whether what you choose leads you closer or farther away from your inner peace and purpose. That is the truth, and why all healing is self healing, love heals all and we are all love. And YOU CAN! Have faith in yourself and love yourself. God does... whether you believe it and can feel it or not.

Please see my blog page titled My YouTube for my Golden 3D to 5D Ascension Series or click the link below!