About my gifts My brief spiritual history:
1993~ 1st degree Reiki Attunement
2003~ 2nd degree Reiki with Seichim Attunement
2010 to present: during sessions, I have received the following tools/gifts:
~Earth, Fire, Water, Air~
~Symbol to relight spiritual flames
~Spiritual Crystal to activate channel for I AM presence
~Spiritual Crystal to activate/open third eye
~Angelic, Fairy and Elemental assistance
~Clan Healing Sequence

Shamanic Reiki Seichim
The most common question I get asked is:
What is Reiki-Seichim and how does it work?
We are all made of 100% Divine Source energy which is love and we are all connected by this love!
All healing is orchestrated by Divine. In other words, you can't order a third eye activation. God knows what you are ready for. Everyone is where they need to be to learn that which they need to learn in order to feel whole. Take heart, you are braver than you think and you are already whole!
Reiki and Seichim are stand alone healing systems that are applied together.
Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy.
Seichim is an ancient Egyptian system of healing wisdom meaning Living Light Energy.
Due to it’s vastness, there have been many books written about these energies. To describe it simply, it is a non-religious energy transference, open to everything, having the ability to help all that ails you. Reiki-Seichim works on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels. It is a hands-on-healing technique that transfers Universal Life Force Energy and Living Light Energy to you bringing natural balance in your life.
Anyone can become attuned from a qualified Reiki Master. With an attunement, a series of symbols are sealed into a person’s energy field and become a vessel for the energy to flow through. I believe some people and animals are naturally attuned. If you have the second level of attunement, you have the ability to send the energy over distance and time. You do not have to be in close proximity for a treatment to be effective, which is how I perform my treatments. This allows you to relax in the comfort of your choosing for the energy transference and I perform from my mediation station.