Your Ascension, Simply
...because your Higher Self beckons and never lets go. 💞
with Darla Stoltenow

Thoughts and Prayers

Let's move our thoughts deep into our hearts with gratitude.
Dear God;
Thank you for the protection and guidance
Thank you for opening us up to that guidance
Thank you God for making us in your liking
Thank you God for loving us enough to give us this experience
You trusted us to find our way home
 And we are home
The separation is an illusion and
 We Thank You for that
Because it allows us to be unique
Thank You for Co-Creating with Us.

Dear God, I pray for…
The insight to instill in myself
The confidence instilled in me
The realization that we are all connected
Each contributing our uniqueness to the plan
The awareness when in a transformational cocoon
And the patience to stay until I’m ready
The faith to come out when it’s time
And the courage to enter the unknown territory
The discernment to know when to give of myself
And when to give to myself
The peace to hear my being and know what it needs
To feel my being as it is with joy, love and acceptance
The light to see when an opportunity is not appropriate
And the backbone to responsibly assert the truth
The clarity of the free will that has been granted to us
And the of commanding of responsible thoughts
The balance of thoughts lending to our highest good,
Not demanding an outcome or answers
The awareness that the Universe will give me more of
My intentions, lacking discernment of thought quality
The intention of co-creating a mirror to ALL THAT IS
Confidently reflecting in our social spheres
The awareness to know when I’m forcing my will and
The ability to breathe in new Divine direction
The ability to ride on the amusement that I AM enough,
Always have been and always will be
The wisdom to know that we are all important and
God knows, understands and loves us all
The acknowledgement of the shadow side of life and
The openness to send love where it’s needed
The willpower to let go of things that are self-destructive
With the wisdom to not take life personal
The ability to live in each moment with an attitude that’s
Aware of our connection and that we are never alone
Thank You

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