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Nodular Granulomatous Dermatitis

A lesson in perserverance and patience... Slowing me down or have I always been where I needed to be?
I've been dealing with this disease, which is otherwise called or categorized with Morgellon's Disease my whole life, it's hereditary and there's no cure. I'm telling it to BE GONE, with love of course. For many years I thought I just had the worst kind of acne, but then realized later in life, around 40, that this was no ordinary skin disorder. It is basically confused hair and skin cells that think they are nail cells as well. It causes plugs of sorts and fibers that cause the skin to blister and are very slow to heal if ever, they can be very embedded into the skin. There are many skin disorders that are life threatening and/or contageous, which this is thankfully neither. There are many options for self treatment that might help, including natural antibiotics which really need to be more common and I'll post more about that later. If there were a cure it would mean that we found a way to stop nail cells from growing, which we have not and probably never will. I don't think we are supposed to know how to do that! The last 5 years with this disease have been the most challenging times of my life, though I feel that I have reached some degree of victory over much of it. It also causes short term memory loss... For example, I can't remember what I wore yesterday unless I forgot to take it off and then I would just look down and say well it's this! I can't go to the store without a list or I get bombarded with all the products/energies and can't remember simple things. My heart goes out to anyone with any ailment. How can you use your gifts to overcome your challenges?
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