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For Profit Prescription Drugs Unsafe

For-profit prescription drugs cause doctors to be unfair.
I can be pretty intense when it comes to doing the right thing. I'm not trying to be an jerk, but I love everybody and value an even playing field for all.
I'm sorry to get an attitude, but the problem with healthcare, doctors and prescription drugs, that is for profit, makes the people, it's not just the doctors and the pharmacists, this is a vast network.. even down to the delivery of the goods, supplies needed which don't just include those needed for actual health... is that there becomes this separation, no, not becomes but is the illusion of separation. Is all about not becoming, or rather fear of becoming one of -those- people... who they've judged themselves to be better and just more deserving than... Causes them to fear losing the principal in which this operation works, the very purpose- which is that doctors and nurses -Know How- to help you/us. So when they don't, what do they do? They make shit up. They prescribe drugs that we don't need. They lie and say these false things in our bodies will help us. I believe that drugs should be labeled as
1. A symptom reliever and possible cause of other, maybe even worse symptoms 
2. An actual cure 
3. A cure as long as the drug is taken. Which #3 is absolutely where the healthcare system wants us. A student doctor that was just supposed to observe, delivered my middle child. I was telling her it was going to be okay as she was doing fine as I was delivering my daughter into this world. I have nodular granulomatous dermatitis or rather a rare non-contagious, non life-threatening but certainly sanity threatening -if you let it for a lot of reasons- skin disorder and the doctor in the end said -unless there is a prescription drug that most likely will not help you, which I took for a month, it being a drug prescribed for something completely different which doctors can do now. Free range of anything they want to prescribe, if it even in our imagination could help. 
Oh please Lord Jesus Christ please give us some justice here! Nonprofit prescription drug companies that put every dime of profit toward research and development of real cures, just to start. No more sending doctors on vacations while our children are drooling from handfuls of prescriptions that may or may not be helping. No one is being held accountable. A law requiring all children on prescription drugs to be evaluated by a third-party counselor monthly, who evaluates if the drugs are working for what they actually need it for. (Personalities don't need to be cured.) And how the drugs are working together if there's more than one. Two laws to start
1. Prescription drugs for profit illegal 2. All children on prescriptions are required to meet with a third-party counselor once a month. These two laws would help so much in leveling the playing field. Thank you so much for reading. Namaste.
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