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A.D.D.=A Divine Disposition
~I am a big believer in mental breakdowns~as in mentally breaking it down. Sometimes we come to a point where things just aren't working and those times of breaking-it-down are our opportunity to dismantle the thought process we currently have, dismiss that which isn't working and build on that which is.

~It doesn't matter where you vibe~Low vibe, high vibe, medium vibe, we are all loved to no end.

~Everything is held in God’s eternal love… so there is nothing to fear.

~When you say THANK YOU to the Divine, God; and hold the intention of being thankful, you create a FLOW OF energy with the DIVINE nature WITHIN you.

~Why do we over-analyze? So we can have greater control? Then we wouldn’t feel so scared? There is nothing you can learn to give you the control you seek. That is an illusion of the ego…the answer is to let go and let God. LGLG


~You cannot ‘win’ a ‘fight’ against any force, because it places yourself in a ‘need to prove’ situation, which gives away your power. Power that is needed to rise above and anchor in a higher vibration and things come up to be let go of. There is no way out, only through. Empower yourself!

~Ask yourself: Am I Gifted? Or Challenged? Both! How can you use your gifts to overcome your challenges?!

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