Hello and how are the finest people of the world today?! I've been waiting on Divine timing to continue my Ascension series and the time is finally here! I had to rebuild and restructure with a better foundation after the introduction video I posted in March. So without further ado,
Kicking off the...

Golden 3D to 5D Bridge Ascension Series
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Each week, I will try to post on Monday or Tuesday at the latest a new video, where we pray a lil, heal a lot, tell some short stories and chat, all in love, in a space where we can talk about whatever! I asked my Guides and Angels if we're free to be like appropriately inappropriate and just talk about everything? And to name most of my guides Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Chamuel, Metatron, Orion, of course Jesus and also Jewel, she seems to be a pure gold Goddess Fairy who helps people to believe in Divine magic and synchronicities that we co-create...

(which I wouldn't even hear of real fairies until 5 years ago when to my utter surprise, a fairy came into to one of my Reiki sessions as a guide to the person I was working on, reminding her to be more playful; She was super serious, A side personality, at least 5 court cases going on to fight for justice when she was treated unjust, a room dedicated to papers everywhere LOL I enjoyed her, love her so much and hope she got her justice. )

and John who is an elemental entity, a tree actually and also the makeup of my spirit lodge and the platform to which we can all ascend to (whew) and he holds my love safe and expansive... And they said we can talk about whatever we want to. We the people think about everything, we pray and ask them about everything, so we're going to talk about everything. Makes sense to me! All in the name of Ascension of course...

All of your questions will be answered by me or them, either directly or indirectly, like as an answer to your specific question or you learn from the questions that other people ask. Also as the storys are told the higher vibrations are available to tap into to raise our own megahertz and learn from the answers that others receive, as a community of healing and trust. Everyone is invited. 

I'm super excited! Thank you and I hope that you all can join me. Thank you so much!

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With love, gratitude and blessings, 


Souly I

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